Why to engage a registered migration agent?

We provide our clients with a service for smooth and fast process giving them the best chance for a success visa application.

A registered migration agent can significantly increase success of your application and helps you by:

• explaining which visa options are available
• recommending the best visa option(s)
• preparing documents for your visa application
• contacting the Department of Home Affairs to discuss your case
• preparing and submitting a visa application for you
• preparing for, and representing you at, before a review tribunal in relation to a visa matter.

We assist our clients with complex Migration matters

It is easier and faster for the Department of Home Affairs to assess your application if it is prepared by a registered migration agent.

The relationship between clients and registered migration agents is regulated by the Australian Government and accordance with the Code of Conduct (https://www.mara.gov.au/tools-for-registered-agents/code-of-conduct)

We proudly declare that we have not a single refusal for the Australian Permanent Visa applications for over ten years!



The purpose of this consultation is to determine which with options are most appropriate for your situation. Such a consultation can be conducted via emails (preferred), over the phone or internet, or in person.

After the consultation you will receive a brief report by email. We will suggest the most likely visa options based on your situation and indicate which extra information (if any) will likely be required. The report will also recommend steps required for increasing your chances for obtaining an Australian visa. We will also provide links to relevant resources.


The purpose of such a consultation is to discuss all necessary documentation for your visa application. Such a consultation can be conducted via emails (preferred), over the phone or internet, or in person.

Such a consultation may be required when our report from the Initial Consultation indicates that further significant information is required before deciding on the best visa options.


If you decide to engage our services to assist with the visa preparation and application process, we will provide you with the Client Agreement. The Client Agreement describes our services and the costs of services based on the complexity of the case. Payments could be made in instalments when applicable.

There are two options for you to consider:

• We can represent you and communicate on your behalf with relevant authorities and visa processing offices, including preparing documents and submitting the visa application. The services can include a skill assessment, nomination application, and a visa application if required.

• Prepare a written ‘Do it Yourself’ kit, with a detailed description of the actions required in your circumstances.

Each visa type requires different accompanying documents and has different processing times. Costs of our services depend on the visa type.